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What is TAA?
Adrian Pop | 2020-11-02
What is the Trade Agreements Act? How can it impact your video security business? Many steer today's attention towards NDAA 889 compliance, but TAA compliant gear will help you win non-governmental business with privacy, quality assurance, and alternatives to gear made in China.
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Five Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Features that you should look for
Adrian Pop | 2020-10-26
When shopping for a Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, here are five benefits that you should look for.
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WIFI Video Floodlight Planning
Adrian Pop | 2020-09-09
Are you in the market for a new WIFI Video Floodlight? Are you considering the idea of replacing an existing one? Here is a quick read on what you should consider and why.
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Top 4 Reasons to use TAA Series
Adrian Pop | 2020-08-24
Why use IC Realtime's TAA Series? Keep on reading to discover 4 reasons you should consider it.
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Can a Video Doorbell deter Crime?
Adrian Pop | 2020-08-12
Ever wonder if installing a WIFI Video Doorbell Camera can deter crime? Who doesn't want to knock out two birds with one stone? If you're now in the market for a new doorbell, this is something you might want to investigate.
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DASH - Singer Features & Benefits
Adrian Pop | 2020-06-10
We reinvented smart home security with the Singer, the best wireless doorbell.
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IC Realtime's TAA gear addresses 5 voids
Adrian Pop | 2020-06-08
Want to learn more about premium video surveillance gear that's "Not made in China" but is actually affordable? Here are the five voids that IC Realtime's TAA compliant gear addresses.
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DASH - Flooder Features & Benefits
Adrian Pop | 2020-06-02
Most video doorbell cameras will offer a typical field of view of 120 to 140 degrees. These popular devices enable us to echo our presence at home from virtually anywhere by allowing for 2 way communication from any smartphone. 
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