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Can a Video Doorbell deter Crime?

Adrian Pop | 2020-08-12

Can the addition of a video doorbell deter neighborhood crime? Is there any evidence to support the claims made by manufacturers? How can the everyday homeowner sort through the data? Let's dig deeper together!


Is your home a target for the average everyday thief? When was the last time you have pictured your home through the lens of a criminal? Curb appeal is one thing, but crime appeal is a whole different story. Deterring criminal activity starts on the outside of your home.


Answering the door from anywhere has its perks, but sharing a clip within minutes of an event occurring is even better. A video doorbell can act as an outdoor security camera in addition to helping steer away pesky visitors.


A video doorbell can be your remote viewing attendant offering you the benefits of being there; without being there. It is great to enjoy one's solitude while being in the know. The best part is, anyone approaching your doorsteps can never know for sure whether you're home or not.


Devices that are "share" friendly can make life easier by granting functional access to those who live with you but limit account access so that one master account can make changes.


Video doorbells give homeowners eyes in the back of their heads and ears to the street. Unwanted visitors know that homes with recording devices are less likely to be broken in than a house without. Thieves carefully plan & mitigating their risk. A doorbell that can see & hear is like a watchdog that is always watching.


Outfitting your home with convenience products that make life more enjoyable and arming yourself with knowing when something isn't right is ideal for getting the most out of technology.



Deciding to circulate a small portion of your hard-earned cash in return for a little peace of mind should not be a hard decision to make. If you're still on the fence or have thought about installing a video doorbell, ask yourself what could be lurking on the other side of that fence. This one small investment can pay big dividends down the line.


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