IC Realtime

IC Realtime is committed to working with its Customers to promptly investigate and resolve tickets reported by its Customers. This Support Policy shall govern ICRealtime’s provision of support services to the Customer. The Customer is entitled to support services after having made purchase of an IC Realtime product.

Service Level Agreements dated as of 1-3-2023.

  1. Obtaining Support
    1. IC Realtime will provide the Customer with support services for IC Realtime products for which the Customer has ownership of.
    2. While some general questions about other unowned ICR or third party products or services can be asked and answered, these inquiries are best posed to our Sales and Solutions team for proper qualification and design and will be steered towards these channels where appropriate.
    3. Support hours are defined as the hours during which support is available during specified channels. Support hours are based on Eastern Standard Time and may be adjusted for Daylight Savings Time.
    4. Standard Support is defined as the time period where standard support channels (as defined in 1.5) are available for support requests of any severity level.
    5. Support Hours:
    6. Time Zone Hours of Operation After Hours
      US Pacific Standard Dealer Hotline
      5:30AM - 4:30 PM
      Consumer Hotline
      5:30AM - 2:30 PM
      Monday - Friday
      Closed on Saturday and Sunday
      US Eastern Standard Dealer Hotline
      8:30 AM - 7:30 PM
      Consumer Hotline
      8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
      Monday - Friday
      Closed on Saturday and Sunday
      US Arizona Dealer Hotline
      6:30 AM - 5:30 PM
      Consumer Hotline
      6:30 AM - 2:30 PM
      Monday - Friday
      Closed on Saturday and Sunday
    7. Support Channels:
      Channel Best Used For Details
      Phone General Questions, Light Troubleshooting, Starting Trouble Tickets Give us a call for these use cases. It helps to cut down on the back and forth nature of email or online.
      Email, Online, or Mobile App Portal General Questions, Checking Firmware, Forgotten Password Assistance Send an email or make a ticket for these simpler tasks. We can always steer you to other channels if needed.
      Scheduled Phone Appointments
      (via ICR Customer Portal)
      Training Gaps and Usability Questions, Extended Troubleshooting, or Service Calls where Timing is critical. When you need an engineer on the phone, and you need them for an extended duration and at a specific and prompt time.
  2. Scheduled Appointments
    1. All active IC Realtime Dealers are able and encouraged to Schedule a Phone appointment for Technical Support whenever possible.
      We understand that time is important, and due to the nature of our SLA and live troubleshooting, phone wait times can fluctuate.
      If there is a technical support scenario where time is a critical factor (example: rolling a truck for a service call, visiting a remote location for install or troubleshooting, or working to solve an issue before a deadline), dealers are strongly urged to make a scheduled appointment within the ICR Customer Portal at https://store.icrealtime.com
    2. Scheduled appointments can be made with 24 hours of advanced planning.
      Same day appointments are not available for unplanned phone engagements - for unplanned issues please instead call the inbound support line and work with the first available support engineer to begin the support and ticketing process.
  3. Target Response Times
    Case or Channel First Response Follow Up
    Phone < 10 Minutes 1 Day
    Forgot Password Request via Help Center < 10 Minutes 1 Day
    Online (Portal, App, Email or Ticket) < 1 Hour 1 Day
    Scheduled Appointments On Target 1 Day or as needed
    Solutions Engineering and Designs Via sales channel and < 72 Hours Varies by scope
  4. Audience of Support
    1. IC Realtime is unique in that it provides support not only to the immediate IC Realtime authorized dealer network, but also extends support to the end customer of our authorized dealers. This shall be defined as the Audience of support.
      This is done purposefully as we understand emergencies arise, people forget how to perform a data export in the case of a disaster, and certain questions or support topics can be handled best by IC Realtime.
      While end customers of IC Realtime are eligible to receive support, they will not receive the full scope of support as the IC Realtime dealer network receives. The scope of support (What is Supported?) is outlined in section 5 for all levels of the Audience of Support.
      IC Realtime respects the privacy of our dealers and customers explicitly and unconditionally. Inform us if there are ever any concerns.
  5. What is Supported?
    1. General Questions & Answers (Q&A). Examples include (but are not limited to):
      1. How can I export my video data?
      2. My motion detection or IVS settings don’t seem to work. How can I troubleshoot this?
      3. For my NVR system, how can I add another camera on the local network?
    2. Software Bugs / Defects. A bug/defect is subject to review and IC Realtime may not provide a solution for the bug/defect or IC Realtime may choose to provide a solution for which additional charges may apply. For example:
      1. The Bug/Defect is the result of a configuration change or enhancement to the application environment.
      2. The Bug/Defect represents a gap in functionality that was not explicitly included in the product or solutions sold (as stated in a Quote, Proposal, Requirements Document, System Design or Change Order).
    3. Maintenance. Defined as (i) adding or removing cameras; (ii) adjustment of date/time or other system settings; (iii) clearing and responding to HDD errors; (iv) resolution of other system level errors.
      1. Maintenance Responsibility
        1. The Customer and/or End Customer is responsible for maintaining the product and it’s integrated systems.
      2. Maintenance Exceptions
        1. Maintenance does not include: (i) monitoring and identifying errors; (ii) planning of new systems and new connections; (iii) setup of new transfer protocols; (iv) new requirements or business logic; (v) configuration or development of new integration systems. A request of this type is considered an enhancement request.
  6. Dealer Audience
    1. Initial Installation Support
      1. Device Initialization
      2. Use of Software Tools (IP Finder, Config Tool) for LAN device discovery
      3. Network Connectivity via DHCP and P2P
      4. Wireless LAN Connectivity (when WLAN products are ordered from IC Realtime, and by scheduled appointment only).
      5. Event Configuration Guidance (IVS, MD, Alarm)
      6. Client Software Deployment
      7. PTZ Camera Calibration
    2. Troubleshooting
      1. Video Loss
      2. Hard Disk Failures
      3. Forgotten Logins
      4. Lost Remote Access
      5. Software issues (with discovery of environment variables and configuration)
  7. End Customer Audience
    1. Operation and Usability
      1. Software Usage (Mobile and Desktop Apps. SmartICRSS, ICRSS Pro, IC View, Dash and others)
      2. Search, Playback and Backup (via Software or Recorder GUI System)
      3. Troubleshooting of Software Issues (without deep discovery of environment variables and configuration)
      4. Clearing of Hard Disk Error Alarms (or other System level Alarms)
    2. Exceptions to Support provided to the End Customer Audience
      1. Video Loss
      2. Repair of Hard Disk Error or Failure
      3. Forgotten Logins
      4. Lost Remote Access
      5. Use of Software Tools (IP Finder, Config Tool) for LAN device discovery
      6. Software Issues (with discovery of environment variables and configuration)
  8. Enhancement Requests (Dealer Audience Only)
    1. An enhancement request is a request by the Customer to add functionality or enhance performance beyond the current specifications of the product. The Customer may submit an enhancement request via a support ticket. All enhancement requests are subject to review and IC Realtime may not provide a solution for an enhancement request. Depending upon the nature of the enhancement request, it may be addressed in one of the following ways:
      1. Product Enhancement: The enhancement may require a change to the core product feature set. As such, the product enhancement will be communicated to IC Realtime’s Product Development department for review and consideration. An enhancement request may or may not be selected as a feature to be built into the product.
      2. Solution Enhancement: The enhancement may require a change to the configuration settings of the product or a custom solution previously implemented by IC Realtime. As such, the solution enhancement will be communicated to IC Realtimes ICare Customer Success department for review and consideration. The work may require a new project and/or sales engagement, or if the request is small enough, it may be implemented from the context of the case and charged on a T&M basis. These classifications will be managed by IC Realtime and the results of any one request will be communicated back to the Customer. All enhancement requests are subject to additional charges.
  9. Exceptions to Support
    1. IC Realtime can aid in basic Networking instructions with respect to allowing devices to be reachable via the customer LAN or WAN. This is not a replacement for dealer or end customer networking and IT capabilities. For customers concerned with complex network systems or solutions prior to purchase, please discuss design and service options with your sales executive.
      The following custom code that is not written by IC Realtime will not be supported:
      a) Code in end point systems used to trigger or extend the integration functionality
      b) Code residing in non-IC Realtime tech stacks.
      At its discretion, IC Realtime will provide best effort to support issues related to the following custom code not written by IC Realtime:
      a) Savant Systems Component Profiles
      b) Third Party Crestron Modules
      c) Additional third party hardware or software partnerships under the discretion of IC Realtime.
      This may require the Customer to provide additional documentation. Should IC Realtime choose to support custom code not written by IC Realtime, the ticket will be excluded from the Service Level Agreement.
  10. Customer Obligations
    1. In order for IC Realtime to provide effective and timely support services, the Customer must provide IC Realtime with the following required information:
    2. a) Hardware or Software names and versions
      b) Firmware versions and Build Dates from the System Information section, where required.
      c) Serial Number (from the System Information section, or sticker on the product)
      d) For live troubleshooting or installation support, adequate tools (including but not limited to: computers, laptops, phones, cables and other essential tools) must be prepared prior to contacting support
      e) Steps to reproduce the problem, expected results and actual results
      f) Links to records that contain error messages and/or are in an invalid state.
      g) Screenshots and/or video representations of the problem are optional and extremely helpful.