IC Realtime

Features, features and more features! Our products are all assigned Icons as badges showing their most desirable features.

The icons legend page explains in detail about the features offered, why they are relevant, as well as an explanation of the technology itself.

Audio 1 Way

Cameras which support an audio input, for use with an additional, external microphone.

Audio 2 Way

Cameras and recorders which support both an audio input and output, for use with an additional microphone and speaker, respectively. Users can open the audio I/O channel and create a two-way audio session with a camera or recorder.

Audio Built-in

Cameras which have a built-in microphone.

AV Certified

When excellence in AV integration is required, look to our AV Certified products to fit your needs. This group of products is equipped to fit the various transport streams, compressions and codecs to meet the needs of every AV control system.

Camera 2-Axis

Cameras which have 2 axes of movement. Typically, a tilt and rotational axis.

Camera 3-Axis

Cameras which have 3 axes of movement. A pan, tilt, and rotational axis.


A simple indicator on the 'channel' count of recorder products. Also known as 'inputs' or how many cameras any recorder product can support totally.

Field of View - Fixed

The Horizontal field of view for the camera is listed.

Field of View - Varifocal

For cameras with a focus adjustment (either manual or motorized), the Horizontal field of view range for the camera is listed.


Form describes the type of recorder device - either Toaster, Desk, or Rack Mountable.


IC Realtime's High Definition Audio Video System, capable of streaming up to 8MP resolution over traditional Coaxial cable. HD-AVS cameras are capable of transmitting Audio as well as PTZ Camera controls over the same Coaxial cable as well! A great solution for retrofit applications.



Intelligent Video System

This mark indicates the recorder product has some brains behind it. Recorders supporting AI (also known as IVS) are able to monitor certain video events including but not limited to: Perimeter Intrusion, Tripwire, People Counting, Face Detection, and more.

IR Distance

For cameras supporting IR Illumination, this is the maximum effective distance of night-time viewing.


When every pixel of your image counts, look to the iSniper lineup of cameras. These camera devices utilize superior image signal processing chips, allowing for levels of Wide Dynamic Range that are unparalleled in the industry.

Physical Size

This rating describes how large any device is, in Rack Units (1U, 2U, 4U, etc.) for recorders.


NVRs with this emblem have a built in POE switch to power and address IP cameras. The number indicated on the icon / emblem represents how many POE ports are available on any given NVR (4, 8, or 16)


The Megapixel rating for the camera itself. Ranging from D1 (Less than a Megapixel) up to 25 Megapixels at the highest.

SD Card Slot

For cameras supporting an SD card, this is the maximum capacity of the SD card to be used. Please note that all SD memory should be of ‘Class 10’ speed ratings or higher.

Smart IR

Infrared LED’s with intelligence. Smart IR’s are capable of automatically dimming themselves if the image becomes overexposed due to IR reflection. This is useful in situations where long-range IR illumination is required however objects may cross the IR illumination path much earlier.


Originally one had to choose between a DVR or a NVR. Then came the hybrid which combined the two technologies. The tribrid added IC Realtime's HD-AVS capabilities. Now the pentabrid adds support for AHD and TVI standards.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is a term used in the surveillance camera industry to refer to High Dynamic Range Imaging. A technique used in imaging and photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.