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DASH - Flooder Features & Benefits

Adrian Pop | 2020-06-02

Most video doorbell cameras will offer a typical field of view of 120 to 140 degrees. These popular devices enable us to echo our presence at home from virtually anywhere by allowing for 2 way communication from any smartphone.  They can deter solicitors and provide an active eye over the visible portions of our entryways.  However, you may run into a few challenges when using a video doorbell camera as a single source of security. 
Despite an ultra wide lens, many mounting locations face a wall and not outwards from your door.  The most common location for a doorbell sits approximately 4’ high to the side of the door. Thieves are just as well versed in these technologies as we are, so it is likely that they could avoid the field of view on your doorbell camera.  There are other ways to enhance your ability to further deter any potential threats and complement a doorbell camera.   The Flooder floodlight video camera is the perfect solution.  
The Flooder offers an ultrawide lens and powerful floodlight combination that creates a higher level of deterrence.  It captures what your typical doorbell camera cannot. The mounting height alone of a floodlight enables the camera to capture more area and extends the detection range.  The camera lens is equipped with a 270 degree PIR sensor which makes it very hard to avoid detection.  Blind spots, although not completely eliminated, are very minimal.  The Flooder will cover a large area beyond what you may require.  You can easily adjust the notification area by using the detection region setting in the Dash app.
Most floodlight cameras come with 2 way audio and a siren. The Flooder is equipped with a 110db siren and was not designed to wake up the neighborhood or be a nuisance. We do not believe most manufacturers have done a great job explaining the purpose of a siren.  Although it may trigger an alarm sound, most thieves don’t simply runoff (as they do in a commercial).  The purpose of a siren is identification, the alarming tone is secondary. You want a device that will startle someone into looking up at the camera and giving you a clear visual identification.  Our neighbors have become immune to burglar and car alarms.  The Flooder allows you to replace the sirens WAV file and use your own custom recording.   
Why not give your doorbell camera a companion and capture more of what matters with the added benefit of safety lighting.  For more information on the Flooder floodlight camera and the rest of the Dash family of products, please visit icrealtime.com/dash-promo.  If you are a licensed installer and would like to become a reseller partner, please visit icrealtime.com/dealers.

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