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How To Choose Security Cameras For Your Home
Mike Ray | 2022-02-21
Every camera decision is based on the desired Field of View (the desired view of the location being observed), the amount of detail is desired or required (determined by camera lens & video resolution), and where the camera is to be installed to provide that coverage.
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How To Make Your Cameras Work for Both Business and Home
Mike Ray | 2022-02-10
hy we expanded from strictly commercial & professional-grade cameras to include our Dash & now ICHome InterCam
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5 Things You Didn't Know Your Cameras Could Do For Your Home
Mike Ray | 2022-02-01
We usually think of home camera systems providing an important security function - and that’s true. They are your remote eyes & ears with perfect memories that can enhance your life if you take advantage of their skills.
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Your Most Popular 4K Questions - Answered | IC Realtime
Mike Ray | 2022-01-31
Are 4K Security Cameras Worth It? Do I need a 4K capable recorder? What camera positions should be in 4K?
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How 4K Makes Video AI Work Better | IC Realtime
Mike Ray | 2022-01-24
We have put AI to work firmly on the side of the "good guys" with our new cameras & recorders that increasingly lean on AI for image processing & detection, and analysis.
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Selling 4K Security to Your Clients | IC Realtime
Mike Ray | 2022-01-17
Video camera client may be hesitant to upgrade to new 4k cameras or 4k capable recorders. Until you see true end-to-end 4K video content. “WOW” is an understatement.
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4 Reasons to Update Your Coax Security To 4K | IC Realtime
Mike Ray | 2022-01-10
For video & audio signals, even in 4K - “wires are wires,” so with the right camera & recorder technology even old-school coax wires can still deliver 1080P, 4K UHD
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5 Things to Consider When Upgrading to 4k Security | IC Realtime
Mike Ray | 2022-01-03
If your current security camera system is working, why upgrade it? Justifying the upgrade comes down to how old it is, how you use your cameras, and your budget.
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Coming Soon: IC Home (Dash) New Orb OutDoor
Mike Ray | 2021-12-31
The Orb-Outdoor is IC Home’s new outdoor 2-way audio WIFI intercam
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Mike Ray | 2021-12-31
Dinger Pro uses intelligent human detection with instant phone alerts, and you can even record your own custom
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