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Silent, Rapidly Deployable Aerial Surveillance
SDM | 2017-03-27
IC Realtime has developed a silent, rapidly-deployable aerial surveillance solution ...
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Introducing the IC Realtime PLAS System
Security Info Watch | 2017-03-09
Surveillance from an altitude of 250 to 300 feet provides a true birds-eye ...
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Wireless Camera Connects to FB & YouTube
Electronic House | 2017-03-02
IC Realtime ALLie 360-degree camera delivers much more than security ...
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Why Thermal Cameras Are Useful Surveillance
SDM | 2017-03-01
Detection remains the primary usage but lower price points and creative ...
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ALLie in the Family
Security Today | 2017-03-01
Cameras for home, work and place bring high resolution into the picture ...
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ALLie 360° Camera Delivers Much More Than Security
CEPro | 2017-02-28
IC Realtime will be at ISC West April 5-7th, 2017 Booth 16059 ...
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IC Realtime @ ISC West 2017
IC Realtime | 2017-02-22
IC Realtime will be at ISC West April 5-7th, 2017 Booth 16059 ...
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IC Realtime Unveils Surveillance Balloons
CEPro | 2017-02-15
IC Realtime's P.L.A.S. is a camera tethered to a balloon ...
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Panoramic Cameras: A 360 Degree View
SDM | 2017-02-10
Industry experts answer integrators’ questions about technology, ...
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Understanding Interoperability
Security Today | 2017-01-01
Since 9/11, travel through the world’s busiest airports has changed dramatically ...
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