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Breaking Ground In The Cannabis Industry
IC Realtime | 2019-05-17

As 40-acre Cannabis grow operation in rural Arizona, Copperstate Farms needed help modernizing its IT infrastructure to ensure maximum security and comply with state security regulations. Fortunately the leadership team at Copperstate found a nimble, strategic technology partner in Sunstate Technology Group. Sunstate jumped right in, working within tight budget and time constraints. After thoroughly assessing Copperstate’s technology needs, which included state-of-the-art security and access control for the 40-acre facility, the Sunstate team brought in nearly 300 IP cameras and 17 recorders from IC Realtime.

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New 180°-360° Multi-Sensor Camera
IC Realtime | 2019-05-12

IC Realtime, a global leader in the surveillance industry since 2006, is pleased to announce an addition to its series of panoramic products. It’s no secret that there’s a need for wide coverage options ranging from 180-degree to 360-degree angles. IC Realtime debuts their new multi-sensor camera which will address affordability, quality, and situational coverage - all in a tidy package. The flexibility to capture wide area footage is immense - and with 4 adjustable 2MP lenses, the camera replaces multiple single sensor cameras. It is also noteworthy that the unit requires only one cable run, giving installers greater flexibility in terms of wiring.

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IC Realtime launches C4 Certified SDDP Drivers
IC Realtime | 2018-11-17

Fresh off the press, IC Realtime officially announces certification for Control4 integration. Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL) is a leading global provider of smart home solutions. IC Realtime cameras are now plug-and-play with Control4. As a technology company, the group strategically leverages its technology partners. Staying on the leading edge, says IC Realtime’s IT Director Christoffer Callaway, “we caught the bug of continually evolving as a nimble and innovative culture - open to experimentation.”

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Amazon Echo Show review: Seeing is believing
Engadget | 2017-06-26
Siri may have ushered in the era of the digital assistant, but Amazon's Echo ...
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Amazon Echo Show & Alexa Ready to Display Cameras
Electronic House | 2017-06-23
Through voice commands you can tell Alexa to stream video to Amazon Echo ...
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Amazon Echo Show finally displays Alexa's skills
Cote-Ivoire | 2017-06-23
Echo Show users will be able to use Alexa to interact with these cameras ...
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IC Realtime integrates w/ Amazon Echo Show
GSN | 2017-06-23
IC Realtime announced today a surveillance camera integration with Amazon Echo Show ...
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IC Realtime cameras integrate w/ Echo Show
Security Info Watch | 2017-06-23
IC Realtime has announced a surveillance camera integration with Amazon Echo Show ...
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Amazon Echo Show Integrates w/ IC Realtime
American Security Today | 2017-06-23
As the result of a significant development project, IC Realtime’s R&D team worked ...
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Alexa gets smart camera control ahead of Echo Show release
LITechNews | 2017-06-22
Amazon’s Alexa will be able to control smart cameras using the Amazon Echo Show ...
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