How does the RMA Procedure Begin?

The customer must first contact the Technical Support department, as the device in question must undergo troubleshooting by technicians.

Once troubleshooting has been completed and the technician has deemed that the device must be benched for repairs, then the technician will create a ticket and email you the RMA with the Ticket #. This email will contain all of the needed information needed for your return/service.

How long is the Turnaround time?

Once received, devices will usually go through diagnosis on the same day. Resolution is expected within one to two days, unless the issue cannot be discovered, then we will continue to bench the device until it can be correctly diagnosed. The only other occurrence to cause delay would be if the device requires replacement and the item needed is out of stock.

How long will it take once you send out my repaired device & through what shipping method will you use?

Units are shipped via UPS Ground service which usually takes five business days. Expedited shipping is also available for an additional charge. Please contact your sales representative for details.

What if my device is out of warranty? Is there a charge for getting an estimate to repair or replace my device?

If your device is out of warranty, we will still receive it and diagnose it for you, free of charge. We will contact you and explain how much it will cost to repair or replace the item before we proceed further.

What is the normal procedure for DOA devices?

Once we receive the item and deem it defective by manufacturing default, we will then replace the item for you at no charge, free shipping.

I need an advanced replacement. How do I obtain an advancement of my device before sending the defective one back?

Advance replacements can only be done within the first 30 days of the unit’s purchase. If you qualify, you will be charged for the advancement and once we received the device and deem it defective, you will be reimbursed to your account with us or if purchased through a distributor, they will be reimbursed and will then reimburse you. To request and advance replacement, send an email with your RMA number and proof of purchase to

What happens if I return my product and there’s no fault found?

The product will be returned to you and if there was advancement, you can either return the advancement with all accessories in its original packaging for credit or you can keep it but without reimbursement.

Are upgrades offered for my defective unit? How do I purchase upgrades if the defective unit can receive them, I.E.: Adding additional HDDs to my DVR?

Please speak with your sales representative in order to upgrade on any additional devices being sent in.

How do I check my RMA status?

Please contact our RMA staff at for further info.

What if I was shipped the wrong product, or it arrived defective or damaged? What if I ordered the wrong item, wrong size, or simply changed my mind?

First, contact your sales rep, who will work with the RMA department to have replacements sent out and have defective/broken/unwanted products returned.

An RMA will be created and a call tag will be sent out to you. Be aware that you have 30 days to return any unwanted but working product to us for exchange/credit.

Under what conditions would I incur a restocking fee?

If your product has been returned and has or is missing the following:

What would void my warranty completely?

If your product has been returned and has or is missing the following: