The IC Realtime, LLC Authorized Dealer program enables Security professionals to tap directly into IC Realtime, LLC 's extensive marketing resources and efforts. If a Dealer/Distributor meets the requirements of the Authorized Dealer program, they are entitled to leads in their marketing area that have been generated by IC Realtime, LLC marketing efforts. They can also utilize all of the tools created by IC Realtime, LLC such as the most unique Leasing Program available.

Best Value Products

IC Realtime, LLC manufactures high quality professional-grade security products. Our products not only have the most comprehensive features and are built with cutting edge technologies, but also offer industry's best price-to-value ratio to the end customers. We work hard to keep all our products in stock for next-day delivery.

Individual Attention

Each dealer will be assigned a professional well trained sales representative. Our sales associates are not only very familiar with the equipment that we sell but the equipment of the industry as well. All of our sales representatives are well versed on the technology of the industry there for providing you with the edge that you will need when putting together bids against a competitors product. We will assist you with every step of the process from putting together a proposal to choosing the proper gear for that particular installation all the way to preparing the leasing paper work.

Customer Leads

IC Realtime, LLC uses a variety of strategies to obtain quality leads from advertising to trade shows to promotions. Dealers will receive the lead contact information shortly after the information has been requested from IC Realtime, LLC . We help you grow your business.

Complete Package Systems

We have created complete Turnkey Package Systems for your ordering convenience. These systems contain everything that you will need in order to complete the installation. We have created two different package levels, Flex and Pro. The Flex and Pro packs are offered in 4-8 and 16 Channel models. The Flex systems are perfect for the small to mid size projects where as the Pro systems are ready for even the most demanding installations. This allows you to put together an advertising campaign that is easily absorbed by your sales team. This also allows you sales reps to sell the equipment with ease and confidence. We know how difficult it is to train a sales team and that is the reason we created our package systems.

Advertising Assistance

IC Realtime, LLC has also created a unique way of assisting you with your advertising needs. When you become an Authorized IC Realtime Dealer you will be entitled to use our extensive advertising experience. We will help you put together your campaign using our package systems. You provide us with your Logo, contact information and price that you wish to sell for and we prepare it for you. We will provide you with a print-ready file that is of the highest quality.

Leasing Program (Commercial and Residential)

IC Realtime, LLC has created a leasing program like no other in the industry. We give you the Dealer the ability to provide a leasing solution not only to the business owner but the home owner as well. We also offer you a much wider credit acceptance for your customers. We assist you with every step of the process as well as the documentation. You will have your equipment pre funded to you and your profits wired directly into your account. Call your sales representative right away to sign up to become an Authorized Dealer.