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Marijuana dispensaries security surveillance is a rapidly growing industry.

Monitor & Manage Every Moment of your Cannabis Facility

Surveillance systems enable dispensaries and grow houses in the Cannabis industry to monitor facilities, eliminate threats, and secure inventory. Dispensaries & grow facilities must meet state regulations to conduct business. Heavily enforced laws vary by state, but one factor remains constant, a functioning video surveillance system is required in all facilities for permitting dispensaries.

Selecting the perfect blend of dispensary security equipment is challenging, but it's even more daunting for cannabis professionals to meet the strict regulatory & compliance standards set by officials. Not only can dispensary regulations be vague, but they vary from state to state and are always changing. Working with a trusted source like IC Realtime that stays up to date on regulations and best practices is crucial to the success of a cannabis business. 

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Video surveillance systems help cannabis managers oversee their dispensaries.

Video surveillance systems help cannabis managers oversee their dispensaries, warehouses, and grow facilities. The benefits of a security system are vast; however, video surveillance is not optional for the cannabis industry.

Camera footage, for example, needs to cover every inch of a facility from entrances to exits and even outdoor vantage points up to 20 feet beyond the perimeter. All cameras and storage options need to be Internet Protocol (IP) compatible and record 24 hours a day with no interruptions regardless of lighting or conditions.

The key to eliminating all blind spots in dispensaries are more cameras. IC Realtime has the solution with our Budder cameras.


Whether you are operating a dispensary or a cultivation site, the fact is that most people do not like being watched. Budder guarantees coverage requirements while being discreet and economical. The Budder comes with crisp image processing, wide dynamic ranging & high frame rates to ensure every inch of the dispensary is covered with no blind spots.

Budder cameras come in 2MP and 4MP variations.

Both Budder devices have programmable IR’s, rated in 850nm wavelength, and widely accepted throughout the industry.

Budder cameras are small-sized indoor/outdoor vandal domes with a fixed 2.8mm lens and have 98ft smart IR, POE, with clear & tinted domes.

Cash Register

Catch every detail in clarity up to 60 FPS @ 3MP with a 2.7mm – 13.5mm (99°~28° FOV) motorized lens.

Ambient Light

Produce crystal clear vibrant images in low light conditions with Starlight technology and an IR distance up to 164ft.


Maximize security with an IK10 rated anti-vandal dome, cast aluminum body, and integrated Smart IVS rules.


Loss prevention is one of the most significant pain points dispensary managers face while protecting their assets. Theft & potential for internal sweethearting in the form of unauthorized discounts or unlawful sales to friends & family can easily be prevented. It is important to cover every inch by strategically placing surveillance equipment above the cash register, backways or hallways, and even in employee breakroom areas.

IC Realtime’s Hydro varifocals are Cannabis Certified and made to catch the little things.

Eliminate discrepancies in product and cash flow by using Smart Varifocal HD cameras on the sales floor, in growing operations and other restricted areas.



Legalization has made medical and recreational Cannabis easier to obtain, and video security systems are essential to cultivation sites against theft and loss.

Bullet and PTZ cameras are widely used on exteriors to meet regulated distance requirements. The IC Realtime Blazer offers dual-sensor solutions for capturing sharp images in both the visible and thermal spectrums.

Blazer cameras feature a dual-lens design made to handle extreme environments with surveillance in mind. Blazer offers an all in one solution for indoor and outdoor use - perfect for pitch-black exteriors and drying rooms where fire detection is critical.

VOX Lens

Fire Detection
& Alarm

Video Features

Two-Alarm Inputs
& Outputs

30 FPS For
Both Sensors

Human Detection
Up To 300ft

Blazer cameras feature a dual lens design made to handle extreme environments with Cannabis in mind. An all in one solution for indoor and outdoor use - perfect for pitch black exteriors and drying rooms where fire detection is critical.





Some situations call for a camera that can be remotely adjusted, quickly, and efficiently. While other areas require the ability to automatically lock-on and follow moving objects that should not be there.

In either case, the Z420 PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera from IC Realtime is the best choice. This camera comes with flexible rotation, zooming features, and autofocus thanks to a motorized varifocal lens. It supports five patterns, eight tours, and up to 300 programmable points of interest.

Total control is what you get with a PTZ camera.


Powerful 30x optical zoom

Wide Dynamic Range

Autotracking & IVS

25/30 FPS @ 4mp

IR Distance up to 656ft

OG 360

While the focus on reducing or eliminating security threats & loss prevention is top of mind, monitoring the growth & harvest cycles of crops is just as crucial.

With IC Realtime, operators gain valuable insight and therefore, can ensure that every flower is harvested efficiently and to the highest standards possible.

The OG 360 cameras by IC Realtime offer scalability and situational coverage when used strategically in combination with fixed lens cameras. These powerful combinations allow operators to identify incidents within various fields of view quickly.

IC Realtime’s OG 360 line cameras keep your businesses compliant and provide you the intelligence necessary to observe, relate, and prosecute criminal intentions.


12 Mega Pixels of crystal clear clarity with intuitive de-warping and high frame rates allow images to be seen like never before.


IC Realtime’s OG 360 line cameras keep your businesses compliant and provide you the intelligence necessary to observe, relate, and prosecute criminal intentions.


Storage capacity plays a vital role when selecting video security equipment.

Some industry regulators have mandated 24/7 recording & 60 days worth of video history minimum. Most states today require 90 days of video history, and some may require up to one full year. IC Realtime offers enterprise-level solutions that meet the capacity, scalability, and remote monitoring needed to operate growing facilities & dispensaries.

Deploy Cylo recorders for industry-specific storage options, which can be upgraded as you grow. Stay in compliance by commissioning systems designed with Cannabis in mind - The Greenline is it.






128TB Storage

Maximize storage with 16 bays up to 8Tb each.

256Mbps Throughput

Stable recording with forty-two 12MP cameras.

128 Channels

Support any combination of cameras.

12MP Resolution

Extreme resolution tosee every detail.


Should any failures occur, special attention is required because most city & state mandates require replacing a failed device within 24 hours. IC Realtime’s flexible RMA policies & practices are geared towards the dealer and our Advance Replacement option within the first 30 days of purchase truly reduces friction and expedites the process.*

ICare is the pinnacle of customer care and has you covered with easy and flexible returns, repairs or replacements, and field destroy options. Dealers can use the IC Realtime web portal to pre-schedule technical support onsite. We support both our dealers, and their end-users. Be the best version of you as a security professional and partner with IC Realtime today!

*Dealers are strongly encouraged to carry a limited stock of product on hand in order to meet the 24hr requirements.


Powered by IC Realtime, the Greenline provides dispensary & cultivation operators easy access to their facility and employees from a smartphone, tablet, or computer - giving them the freedom to be off site without losing sight of their business. ICRSS Pro is a sophisticated mobile monitoring app that enables monitoring multiple cameras at once and reviewing previously recorded footage.

Maintain compliance with new mandates for video & power loss. States on average require at least 4 hours of battery backup. Notifications of power and/or data loss are required and Central Station Monitoring will be needed. The Greenline certified equipment guarantees compliance when configured to deliver all notifications in real time.

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