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Licensing Compliant
Security Systems

  • Absolutely No Blind Spots
  • Continuous Recording
  • 90+ Day Storage
  • Integrates with Access Control
  • Image Snapshot Capable
  • Compliant camera resolutions

Our Greenline Series Gear is Trusted By

The Greenline makes security licensing requirements easy.

Compliant Camera Resolutions

Anything from 1080P HD to 8MP & 12MP 4K UHD, 180° Panoramic to 360° and everything in between.

Continuous Recording

Every camera, all the time, with local or remote storage. We make backing up storage easy.

No Blind Spots

Our free design service makes sure with overlapping coverage & multi-vantage point views.

You raise the perfect crop. We'll provide the perfect video.

Our dedicated team, products & system design services are the result of IC Realtime unparalleled commitment to every segment of the this industry.  - CEO Matt Sailor
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