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Mike Ray | 2022-05-23

Camera systems that wow customers and meet legal digital records requirements don't just happen - they're designed. Each system needs to be tailored to fit the covered spaces and a lot of things need to be considered - but IC Realtime dealers don't sweat the details. Why? Because they can leave it to the experts. Free system design service is part of being an IC Realtime authorized dealer.

We here at IC Realtime have so much design experience and know our gear so well that creating amazing systems for our clients comes easy. So let us make this complex & confusing process disappear off your checklist.

Got a job or bid coming up? Get us the address and some basic idea of local requirements and/or client expectations and we will take it from there. Just part of our industry-leading dealer service. Walk into your pitch meeting with the full proposal plan & spec sheet that blow away the competition. The best part is - it's free. 

See Performance First Hand

Cameras are the most essential part of any video system, and IC Realtime has our cameras set up for live demonstrations so your client can see the real deal - in action. Even before you do your presentation, we will work with you to choose camera resolution, detection features, Fields of View (FOV), and night vision ranges for each camera.

We can then show your client both live and recorded video for both day and night performance and ensure them no there will be no blind spots - our cameras can cover all locations chosen, and provide the custom mounting hardware that fits those cameras & their mounting points. 

Pixels Per Foot Design

A security cameras resolution, detection features, fields of view, and night vision ranges should always be explained to ensure the required coverage. We design each system to make sure they match the required pixel density (known as Pixels Per Foot) to meet or exceed those requirements.

Using the D.O.R.I. (Detect, Observe, Recognize, Identify), we specify each location precisely to achieve the security system design goals that your client demands.

Video Storage

Some clients already know how far back they want to store their video footage while others have legal requirements and have to follow specific guidelines.  

What type of recorder will be needed for your client's system, and what are the hard drives needed to match storage requirements? And what are the legal & regulatory requirements? With our professional system design services - no worries - we take all that into consideration in the design.

Horizontal Field of View

Cameras are just like your eyes - they see what their lenses can intake & project on their internal video sensor chipsets. It all depends on how wide they want to see. Whether it's a 40X zoom camera that can do telescopic 2° shots of distant areas or 180° cameras that see everything around them at the same time.

Let us help design and precisely match each camera's Field of View requirements. Need one camera that can pull back its remote power zoom lens to get a whole parking lot and then zoom in to capture a gated area? No problem. Need an advanced detection camera that just overwatches a single door area? In stock.

Professional Designs & Proposals

Don't walk into a client meeting with a sketch on paper and try to explain the perfect design from what's in your head - let us design professional security layout plans, customized with the field of view arcs and camera position indications right on them. Our Security consultations and designs will have you covered. 

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