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Proration Warranty - Explained

Mike Ray | 2022-05-02

The universal valuation mechanism for products expected to be in constant, regular wear-producing use - like fan belts (or security video recorders) or exposed to variable temperatures and weather conditions during normal usage like paint (or external cameras) is called Pro-ration (or Prorated Warranty).

Our Prorated Warranty is free, full, and complete for the first 4 years from the new purchase date. We will repair or replace your covered product with 100% value for the first 4 years. After that, we discount new gear so you can both replace and upgrade your client at the same time.

In other words, pro-ration means you can get a discounted new unit, restart the clock on your 10-year warranty and have the latest features, firmware & security updates. In many cases, you won't even have to ship us back the broken unit.

How does it work?

If you are an account-holding dealer/integrator with a product issue, you can DIY the process by opening a Service Ticket on your IC Companion app or our help center. Once submitted, a Support or ICare rep will contact you and get things rolling.

Or you can email ICare@icrealtime.com, and we will immediately contact you (A good option for those on the road). If you call the support line, they can help you diagnose issues and even start the Service Ticket if needed.

Defect found within 30 days of your purchase:

If a defect is found within 30 days of purchase, the unit will be replaced without cost to you. The date of purchase (DOP) is determined by the Sales Order Shipping Date or a verified Distributor Sales Invoice. If you are on the job site, you can request that we ship you a new unit with a return label for the failed device before sending it back to us (Advanced Replacement.)

Defect found after 30 days of your purchase:

If a defect is found after the 30 days of your purchase, a product replacement or repair will be provided for up to 4 years (35,000 hours) from the date of purchase without cost to you.

Defect found after 4 years of your purchase:

Suppose your unit fails after the first 4 years of service (determined by the Sales Order Shipping date). In that case, a pro-rated residual value is determined and balanced against the unit's remaining operational years.

You may be asked to ship it to us for service evaluation.

If it can be repaired, the unit is serviced, tested, and shipped back to you. If it cannot, and the unit is over 4 years old, you will be offered two choices:

A. Replace it with a new equivalent unit discounted by a residual value based on the unit's pro-ration formula, OR

B. Pay a flat fee to have your returned unit repaired or replaced with a recertified unit of the same or similar series at a cost based on the unit's pro-ration formula.

However, the repaired or replaced unit continues to devalue based on the original unit's purchase date. A repaired or replaced unit remains under the original unit's warranty terms, and subsequent failures will again be subject to pro-ration associated costs.

The Honest and Fair Professional Option

The price/performance differential between today's new security equipment and older legacy equipment means you will get a much better camera or recorder at a much better price and a new warranty with your IC Realtime pro-ration discount. Video security equipment needs 100% uptime as much as possible. Our under 1% failure rate ensures that with 99% of our gear, our warranty pro-ration system provides a fair deal for everything else.

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