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Busy Integrators Deserve a Hassle-Free Warranty

Mike Ray | 2022-04-18

Since March 2014, IC Realtime branded recorders & cameras have come with a 10 Year Limited Warranty. At IC Realtime, experience teaches us that our products will operate as designed for up to 10 Years and that many can withstand normal operating conditions without failing for even longer. That’s why we have the confidence to offer the industry’s best warranty for security systems.

Built to Run 24/7 + Backed by a 10-Year Warranty

IC Realtime security cameras and recorders are built to last with prime components and always come backed by a limited 10-year warranty (7 years for Edge & Dash/IC Home). Our world-class design & manufacturing lets our systems keep up with the high demand of the 24/7 and 365 days a year running time.

Why such an extended warranty? Support & Confidence. We build our gear to stay in service with the maximum uptime. We also have 2 U.S.-based concierge-level Tech Support & ICare Customer Care to back you up - just in case.

While the hard drives we install are backed by Seagate and Western Digitals' industry-standard 3-year warranty, we’re confident that these high-end hard drives will last long after those 3 years are up.


What’s the “Limited” Part of the Warranty?

The term "limited" in our warranty means that after a specific time - in our case, 4 years - the covered unit will be too old to update to meet new camera compatibility standards. These updates accommodate new security patches, which are important. Also, most replacement parts will no longer be available - making timely repairs nearly impossible.

In essence, like most electronics that fail after four years, they are too outdated and generally just not worth repairing; it’s also risky to put back in service. A risk we’re not willing to take, especially when hard-working & ultra-secure products like video security systems keep families and businesses safe.

“Limited” does not mean you are out of luck, though. IC Realtime offers a better alternative that allows us to provide a new unit replacement at a discounted cost - which falls under our "Proration Policy.”


What’s the Proration Policy?

We'll be covering proration in detail in another article. Here's a summed-up explanation:

Pro-ration is the multi-industry value accounting mechanism applied to products expected to be in constant, active use like security video recorders or those exposed to weather conditions like external cameras or even wear during normal usage. This gives a residual value for the owner to use when deciding to repair or replace.

It's helpful to think of pro-ration as a pre-arranged trade-in value. Most car dealers won't offer anything on a trade-in that is broken and not worth fixing, but IC Realtime promises we will share the cost of replacing the camera and recorder in the rare case that happens.

In other words, pro-ration means you can get a discounted new unit, restart the clock on your 10-year warranty and have the latest features, firmware & security updates. In many cases, you won't even have to ship us back the broken unit.


What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch. We know our dealers sell constant video vigilance to their clients and, in turn, depend on us to provide the gear & service to support our product - and we’ll do just that.

Our security cameras and recorders have an impressive failure rate of under 1%, so we are confident that IC Realtime security systems are among the best in the industry in terms of reliability and service life.

So unlike other long-term equipment warranties - IC Realtime covers recorder chassis and cameras at 100% value for the first 4 years of the warranty with no sliding scale. This 100% coverage is the best complete coverage in the security camera business.

You get the idea - a deep discount on a new unit is a better deal for you and your clients.


Isn’t Any Failure Rate a Bad Thing?

Commercial-grade security video equipment is by its nature expected to be on constantly. But like all electronics, even in air-conditioned environments, they experience heat/cooling cycles and power fluctuations. Also being tucked out of sight in a closet or attic where dust is rampant and ventilation is problematic.

Given their 24 / 7 / 365 running time, it's understandable that pro-rated values for video security equipment must reflect the heat, cold, ice & rain, and use in challenging environments like car washes & walk-in freezers endured by security cameras.


Busy Integrators - Need a Hassle-Free Warranty

Video security equipment needs 100% uptime as much as possible. Our under 1% failure rate ensures that with 99% of our gear, our warranty pro-ration system provides a fair deal for everything else.

For IC Realtime's professional integrators & dealers that need to keep their clients secure & satisfied, replacing an outdated older unit with new gear with a 100% warranty makes sense.

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