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8 Ways Our ICare Team Can Support Your Next Install

Mike Ray | 2022-04-04

Integrators, distributors & dealers that are busy quoting & selling jobs and installing cameras already have too few hours to get their revenue-generating work done. Time - in this case - is money, so the less they have to spend on managing the other stuff - billing, credits returns, and order management - the more time they can spend doing profitable business.

IC Realtime takes its customer's needs seriously and has a top-down commitment to become "The easiest place to do business in the industry." (as our founder Matt Sailor would say). This is why Matt and the team created our ICare Customer Service department, then filled it with a crew that gets what our customers need and delivers it efficiently.

Here are different ways our ICare Department can help support your next install: 

Dealer On-Boarding

This is an automatic service initiated by ICare for new dealers to get them up to speed on everything IC Realtime. We call new account holders and walk through our order, credit & return processes - or set up a time that's more convenient - and are always on call if needed.

Account & Web Portal Set-Up

Probably the thing that sets IC Realtime apart from a lot of other providers is the personal attention our ICare crew gives every customer. For new customers that includes getting their online account Web Portal access up & running and making sure each customer gets trained to use it. This single ICare effort is more praised by customers than any other because it saves them so much time to online DIY any time day or night.

Shipping & Inventory Status

We build recorders & ship daily Monday-Friday from 2 warehouse locations in Florida (East Coast) and Arizona (West Coast) usually whichever's closest for the quickest service. ICare has access to orders in process and tracking after shipping to provide whatever service or information is needed.

Will Call Local Pick Up

We pull pickup orders Monday-Friday and offer order pickup for will-call orders from both warehouse locations in Florida (East Coast) and Arizona (West Coast) warehouses for immediate service. Once the order is placed & paid for as a "Will Call" pickup order with a Factory Rep, clients will get an email or text notices, but ICare has access to orders in process and can also provide whatever service or information is needed at both locations.

Payments & Billing

ICare can answer most billing questions or track down information when given the details of the inquiry to save clients time & energy and take payments on accounts or direct immediate inquiries for any billing or account questions. Almost all inquiries can be answered in one call but if not, we call you back to resolve your issues. Once you call or email ICare, we won't let it go until the customer is satisfied.

General Inquiries

This could be anything from finding out a product's stock status to leaving a message for a dealer's assigned sales rep or support technician to finding out when a backorder will be shipped. If you have an IC Realtime related question, iCare is your "one-stop-shop" for answers.

Returns & Warranties

Product-based businesses always face returns, equipment service, and credits & exchanges, and again, ICare is the place to start the process. Return Materials Authorizations (RMAs) are required for all product returns so that they can be accurately tracked & quickly exchanged or refunded. This could be a P.I.T.A. but it really isn't thanks to ICare. The process is handled here by ICare from start to finish, we just need the info on what you're returning and done.

Direct Support for your End Users for Life

We are strictly a B2B business so that means we see our dealers, integrators & distributors as partners that are on the ground selling, installing & servicing our camera gear in the field "where the rubber meets the road," ICare and the tech support crew are encouraged by management to help end users all we can. If it needs a service call, we will get what info we can and let you know ASAP, and be standing by to help when needed.

ICare: We Work For You

These are the top 8. But If you haven't guessed by now, our "concierge-level" iCare customer service reps are like your own IC Realtime insider that goes to bat for you 'in the building." They were hired to go the extra mile to get our customers happy, following Matt Sailor's direct orders to make IC Realtime the best camera system provider in the business.

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