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Top 5 Features Used on the Dash/IC Home App

Mike Ray | 2022-03-14

There may be settings on the Dash/ICHome app or device you may not have set when the device was first installed, but after using your intercams for a while, you may find it useful to take another look. These settings can customize your Dash/ICHome cameras to set up to enable, schedule, or disable various features & settings to fit your environment & personal needs. Touch the settings icon (the little gear icon at the top of the Live View window) on the Dash/ICHome app and explore. Play with the settings and see if they fit. After all, it’s your life!

Set a Schedule to Be Notified

Under Device Details, Detection Settings, you can control when detection alerts are sent during each day of the week. For example, if you are usually home & active on weekend days you may want to turn off motion & sound notifications at those times on those days. You can also set your device to automatically turn off detection alerts when you are home using the “Geofencing” feature that tracks your mobile device and deactivates the alerts when it detects the device (usually your phone) is now at the “home” location you identified when you set up Geofencing.

Set Your Detection Sensitivity

Detection region sensitivity can be set on the same Device Details, Detection Settings screen from 1 (least sensitive) to 5 (most sensitive). Every environment is different and getting an alert every time the cat walks by can be annoying no matter how adorable they are, so play with these settings in combination with the camera placement to get the results you need.

Set Your PIR Region

This is as easy as dragging your finger across the camera preview under Device Details, Detection Settings. You will see a grid of red-tinted boxes over the camera’s live picture indicating live detection areas. You can turn them off by touching the screen where you want them disabled - say a window curtain that blows in the window or a/c vent breeze or the aforementioned wandering cat scenario. Once it looks right hit SAVE and see if it helps. You can change it up as often as you want to get it right.

Check Your Detection Call History

Call history shows when detections were made & you received alerts. Each one is indicated below the live view window for each intercam under the View History Record dropdown, represented as a line on the camera timestream bar, and touching the cloud or SD card logo just above the timeline brings up a timestamped set of video clips for each alert that you can touch & play to review.

Link a Doorbell Chime & Use a Custom Ringtone

The Dash/ICHome Dinger video doorbell & new Dinger Pro can link to a WIFI Dash/ICHome SInger WIFI doorbell chime. The Singer just plugs into a convenient wall plug and looks like a WIFI extender. Once plugged in, you pair it just like any WIFI device, install it on the Dash/ICHome app & pair it to the Dinger following the simple step-by-step instruction, and during installation can specify one of the 3 built-in ringtones. There are also chime terminals on the back of the Dinger to connect to an existing mechanical chime using the Chime Kit Adapter.

Reach Maximum Performance

The Dash/ICHome intercam line is built to be simple to install, but there are many features in each intercam’s functions & setting menu that can fine-tune them to your location & requirements. Best of all, you can try out variations right on your app & save or alter them as needed to reach maximum usefulness. Don’t be shy - try ‘em out!

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