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5 ICRSS Pro Tools You Should Put in Use Today

Mike Ray | 2022-03-11

Your cameras can do a lot more than passively observe, and IC Realtime's ICRSS Pro mobile & desktop apps give you complete setup & control access with just a few easy steps. We have short "How To" videos on YouTube that show you how to access these functions.

Here are the top 5: 

How to Create Favorite Groups

Favorites let you create a named set of cameras that load with a single click. They can be local or remote cameras from one site or individual cameras from a recorder's channel list. The process is as easy as picking a set you want from the device list via their names then naming & saving. The named lists you create will be listed on the app's home page to load easily with one click.

How to Set Up P2P Service

Using the mobile or desktop app, adding a camera via the Peer To Peer (P2P) process lets your computer or mobile device search & find your camera or recorder by using your mobile device's camera to scan (or by manually entering) the unit's serial number QR label on the device or the device's box label and then entering & saving the device's login & password info.

How to Use Dewarp Function 

Dewarp electronically converts a fisheye camera's native round "fisheye" view to a normal flat view you can rotate & pan around to observe & review. Just select the camera's live view and click the "Dewarp" icon. Then you can move the view left, right up & down by clicking & dragging in the camera's image.

How to Set Up Event Notifications

The Event Config choice under Configuration allows access to a substantial menu that controls how & when you receive detection alerts. You can access both camera & recorder alert menus and set up what conditions trip alerts, and what happens when they are, like sending you an email. If you have created a system E-map, it will even "twinkle" the camera location on the map!

How To Share a Device

IP Cameras are inherently shareable by providing their IP address or serial number and authorizing a new user's credentials, but sets of cameras can be shared under Devices by checking them in the left column & the blue EXPORT button at the top.

Your Own Video Control Room

These are just 5 of the most interesting & useful “skills” that ICRSS Pro is capable of bringing to your IC Realtime video security platform. There are many more advanced capabilities available, depending on what equipment it’s managing and your system’s required level of sophistication.

Frankly, this level of performance & control used to be only available at great cost by building & staffing a dedicated video surveillance control room. But today, ICRSS Pro puts these abilities in an easy-to-use desktop application for PC or Mac that’s one of IC Realtime’s freely downloadable software packages. ICRSS Pro is even available as an Android or iOS mobile app. 

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