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Ultra Secure Encrypted Security Cameras

IC Home InterCams™ is a professional home security solution that integrates with smart homes and can be added to recorders like any IP camera.


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Why IC Home InterCams


Like all IC Realtime products, IC Home is only sold to authorized dealers and distributors.

In-System Recording

Connects to an IC Realtime NVR or Pentabrid recorder just like an IP camera.

Integration Ready

With an exposed RTSP stream, Home automation & AV integration come built in.

Off-Site Backup Recording

Works with or without Cloud backup & playback subscription.

The IC Home App

The IC Home app offers easy-to-use playback features that makes reviewing your secure footage as simple & easy as 1,2,3!

Access all your cameras and instantly know if they are online. See and hear what's happening at home,  right in the palm of your hand.

Setup via the IC Home App

Setting up IC Home products is quick, easy, and simple.

Step 1
Scan the QR code on the device.
Step 2
Create a custom device password.
Step 3
Select your WiFi & Enter WiFi Password.
Step 4
Wait for device to connect & name it!

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