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Field Destroy Returns - Explained

Mike Ray | 2022-05-09

Not every problem product needs to be shipped back, saving everyone in the service process time, money, and aggravation. When evaluating a problem product, ICare will weigh the product value vs. the cost of shipping back & forth and may authorize a Field Destroy option when no physical return is required.

This is most often done for cameras or older recorders where experienced dealers have evaluated the product status and spoken with a support tech who concurs. The product can be discarded and replacement arranged without the hassle and expense of returning it. 

ICare will then initiate the all-important numbered Return Materials Authorization (RMA) that serves to track the physical product, transfer its value for replacement and write up an order to ship a replacement unit.

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We'll Dig Into it If Needed

Of course, there are still times when we need to physically examine the problem unit and determine what’s causing the problem and if it can be repaired. Recorders for example are composed of a number of modular components, much like a desktop computer, and contain hard drives, power supplies, and board-based components like POE switches.

In these cases, we ask the dealer or end-user to ship the gear back to us via a tracked shipping provider like UPS or FedEx and include our email address for tracking info in case of damage or loss. We in turn ship the unit or replacement back at our cost.

Solving Problems in Realtime

Security cameras can be a “time machine” to let a client see & hear what really happened when an incident occurs - but to do that they have to be up & working 24/7. This is even more important when the site is a regulated business requiring digital records by authorities.

Wise dealers order an extra camera or 2 and maybe a hard drive to have on the truck or on a secure shelf at the location so replacements in these cases can be immediate by on-site staff or by the installer when they get there. In any case, IC Realtime stands behind our gear and will make sure the problem is cleared ASAP and that our integrators are made whole. Speedy problem resolution: Just one more reason our dealers love IC Realtime!

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