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Why the IC Companion App is a Dealers' Top Choice for Support

Mike Ray | 2022-03-04

IC Realtime Dealers/Installers and integrators who are constantly working on-site and after-hours have discovered that our IC Companion app is the 24/7 solution for the many day-to-day activities with IC Realtime and when servicing/installing our gear.

Savvy dealers are using IC Companion to move to the "front of the line" for on-site tech help & starting customer support & product service processes because it's just quicker! The companion app is available for both Android & iOS. 

Here are the top 5 ways the IC Companion can make the day easier for our dealers & integrators:

Create a Service Ticket in the Apps Help Center

One of the most used IC Companion features is within the Help Center section. This section has a searchable list of docs ranging from installing or configuring software and equipment to even checking on the latest Field Notices.

The best-kept secret is on the bottom right corner of the help center; there is a "Create Ticket" button. This free-form format lets you get ahead on service tickets, whether equipment exchange, return for credit, or any other product service-related process. This feature alone can save hours because our ICare team starts working on your request as soon as it's submitted, so it flows quickly & smoothly.

The Easy Way to Solve a Common Problem: Password Resets 

The whole purpose of the Companion app is to make dealers/integrators' lives simpler no matter where they are and save them time & effort. One of the most common client requests is a password reset, and the Companion app runs you through the password reset process efficiently and is a super-secure process.

Troubleshoot at Your Own Time And Pace: Hardware Knowledge Base 

When gear needs to be troubleshot, knowing where certain things are in a few app clicks can save a lot of time. Reset buttons, integration, and installation info - it's all there. Likewise, product manuals help with any camera or NVR/HDVR installation. This treasure-trove is located under the Hardware Button.

Quickly Meet Customers Expectations: Storage Calculator & Mount Finder

This section is perfect when creating a system since it has the two most valuable tools dealers need most. The first is a Hard Drive Storage Calculator to help you configure & balance a recorder hard drive set up "on the fly" to ensure it meets customer storage expectations.

The other is an installer's dream: Accessory Selector is the easy way to find the custom-fit camera junction boxes, wall mounts & other installation accessories. It makes bidding the job faster and installing the cameras cleaner & easier for your crew once the deal is closed.

Selling Tools to Win the Bid: Marketing Resources

Catalogs, Product sell-sheets, spec sheets, marketing pieces like images and brochures, IC Realtime logos, and an incredibly helpful set of How-to videos are all under the Resources button. Check out all the ways we can help you sell - you will be stunned when you see how much is available.

ICare at your Fingertips 

The ICare team knows the IC Companion app is an excellent addition to fast support because they hear it from our dealers themselves.

"It just really puts IC Realtime & ICare available at their fingertips," according to Keisha Lynch, the ICare supervisor. "Now that our dealers find their workload is back at full capacity, they like having the option of using the Companion app - it's just quicker."

"I call new dealers to get them up to speed with the Companion app because it's so useful and saves so much time & effort, We are always on our phone so an app that gave our pros mobile access was gonna be a winner if we got it right," according to Keisha, "and I think we did."

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