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Questions to Ask About Home Security Systems - Answered

Mike Ray | 2022-02-28

Why is a home security system important?

It's important to realize there are 2 kinds of home security systems - Sensor event-based alert systems like burglar & fire alarms, and interactive monitoring systems like security cameras. Alarms are based on "event tripwire" criteria, where camera systems are really more about keeping an eye & ear on things to better manage your life at work & home. Although modern cameras may include alarm contacts to interact with alarm systems, cameras are more interactive since they let you see & hear and record what is going on and in some cases even interact with what you see with verbal 2-way conversations, recorded messages, or with built-in sirens and alert tones, automatically or when alerted using a phone app.

Who installs home security systems?

There are some cheaper DIY cameras in the market that are easy to self-install but aren’t ideal to fully secure a property. If you’re looking for more than a couple of cameras, most alarm companies also install home camera systems or have a co-contractor that does. Almost every audio/visual integrator & home automation company will install cameras, as will many phone systems and IT/Network wiring installers, and home automation companies. There are also some electricians, phone systems, and IT wiring installers that install security systems too. They have the licenses, skills & tools to do it right.

What should I look for in-home security camera gear?

1. Warranty length, it's the most basic way to see what the manufacturer actually thinks of their gear's dependability.

2. A factory-supported local installer with access to U.S.-based factory technicians for installation & configuration assistance.

3. Look for at least an 8 channel recorder, spring for 16 if possible to leave room to grow. The cost difference isn't that great and you don't have to use all channels at first.

What's the best "Bang for the Buck" in a home security camera system?

The best bang for the buck security camera system is an IP (Internet Protocol) camera that includes a built-in wired and/or WIFI network capability. This allows the security cameras to be used individually and be accessed remotely. Some also have a built-in SD-card or access to a Cloud-based recording system.

For new camera systems, IP cameras & NVRs represent the best value. If you already have some legacy coax cameras, they need a recorder at the “head-end” so choose an IP/Coax hybrid recorder that lets you keep using existing direct-connect coax cams and add newer IP cameras too.

Do I need a permit for a home security system?

These questions could be answered by your local building department, but you can usually look them up online. Regulations & permit requirements vary from state to state, county to county, and the municipality - even many HOAs have rules. DIY cameras that you can buy online are designed for easy indoor self-installation, but outdoor systems and many of our commercial & pro-grade cameras really need an experienced local integrator who has the right licenses, experience & tools that can ensure you're security systems are up to code. 

The Most Dependable Gear Available

To deliver maximum value & security, a home camera system installation must be a custom fit for its location, using the most dependable gear available. IC Realtime has a curated set of products with the longest Limited Warranties in the business, backed up by U.S.-based inventory & concierge-level iCare support crews.

Our state-of-the-art video & audio monitoring apps & software were designed here in the United States, and our systems are installed & maintained by experienced local camera pros. When you’re ready to experience the peace of mind the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem can bring to your home or business, go to the IC Realtime home page ( https://icrealtime.com/ ) and click the "Need a dealer?" button in the top right and we can get you connected.

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