Supplementing your alarm system with Dash products

Adrian Pop | 2020-05-12

Many consumers today express security mindfulness, but did you know that over 75% of trespassing is initiated from the front of your home? In the mind of a typical crook, uncovering homes containing valuables whereby it's occupants are away is a hallmark moment, until now.
Many such homeowners have tried to mitigate these instances by installing alarms and enrolling in monitoring programs, but the reality is that they're not as preventative as they may be advertised. 
Here’s something to ask yourself, “Will my home alarm single-handedly prevent crime from happening? Will the cute little warning sign scare these bandits, or invite them over? Will that utterly loud blaring siren grant us with the sustainable measure to prevent some bandit from entering our homes, tampering with our privacy, or getting away with our valuables well before authorities are dispatched - let alone, arrive”? It might make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside starting out - that is until you become a victim.
Every Bonny needs a Clyde - and today there are ways to supplement these outdated security measures [which in singularity render themselves ineffective]. Emerging technologies have gotten so much smarter, and warding off bandits may be the opening of an App away, literally. A Dash Dinger video doorbell & Flooder floodlight, when used together can provide a full range of security. It will provide you with instant alerts and access to the footage when somethings not right, day or night.
Let’s face it. Alarms aren’t anything new, and neither is having an inviting and well lit home with curb appeal. We all need to answer our doors, so why not do so with a little peace of mind and an unwavering sense that we’re in the know, every time, without feeling data harvested by big data. For more information on the Dash Wifi Video Doorbell solutions or the Wifi Video Floodlight, please go to

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