C4 Certified SDDP Drivers Make Smart Home Setup & Install Easy

Adrian Pop | 2019-11-11

Fresh off the press, IC Realtime officially announces certification for Control4 integration. Control4 Corporation (NASDAQ: CTRL) is a leading global provider of smart home solutions. IC Realtime cameras are now plug-and-play with Control4. As a technology company, the group strategically leverages its technology partners. Staying on the leading edge, says IC Realtime’s IT Director Christoffer Callaway, “we caught the bug of continually evolving as a nimble and innovative culture - open to experimentation.”

Among those responsible for channels - Adrian Pop, a current Dealer Channel Executive told us that “As we reinvent ourselves for 2019, I clearly see a deliberate mindset and initiative towards improving our dealer’s experience with our company.” The company strives to be the standard by which others are measured. As many would agree, it’s great to disrupt a market that has become saturated to make yourself known for innovations – one by one. In terms of the integration itself, integrators and dealers are now able to use Control4ʼs SDDP to identify and load correct drivers automatically. Further simplifying the process, IC Realtime cameras can be found listed under the discovered tab within Composer. Integrators can expect a reduction of deployment times and access to vital features within Control4’s programming environment. Although IC Realtime recommends that the cameras be identified via SDDP, users can manually identify compatible devices via the “Connections - Network” tab. Finally, a high-end camera solution is here to work with Control4.

With in-house Control4 specialists and now a certified IP camera driver, we can fully support and assist in engineering projects that meet the needs of the integrator. Matt Sailor, CEO adds “I am thrilled that our technical driver team has completed and certified our IP camera driver with Control4. This gives all our dealers and integrators a simplistic way to mate IC Realtime IP cameras into a Control4 environment.” There is now another surveillance option for Control4 to choose from despite the narrow range of existing certified driver(s).

Tags: Drivers, Firmware Updates

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