The amount of hard disk space needed for storing DVR video can be affected by factors like DVR's compression technology, image resolution (how many pixels on each how many frames/images the DVR captures per second and how many hours of recordings to keep per day. Even with the same compression algorithm, the amount of noise in the picture, the brightness, the movement of the objects and many other factors will all impact the size of the video file. This calculator provides an estimate, not an accurate projection, to be used by system integrators/installers as a reference in determining how much hard disk space to put into a DVR.

Please keep in mind, features like harddisk redundancy or raid configuration will further reduce the length of videosthat can be stored by 50%. When in doubt, please consult our technical department.

DVR Model
(1 ~ 32 Cameras)
(1 ~ 24 Hours)
(1 ~ 30 FPS)

Recording Time: 0 Days

Disk Requirement: 0 GBytes