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How to Setup ICRSS Android App

[This note applies to select ICRealtime Flex/Max/Elite Series DVRs, IP Cameras, and Specialty Units]

Step 1:

Launch the ICRSS app from your Android device. If you haven't purchased the application yet, search "ICRSS" on your marketplace.

Step 2:

You will immediately be greeted with your main viewing area. We first though have to setup your DVR/IP camera to connect to. Tap on the small gear icon ( ) to get to your settings menu. Choose "Device List" from the selection of options.

Step 3:

Tap on the "Edit" option at the top right then choose "Add" at the top left. This will take you to the page where you will be inputting all needed information to make the connection with your device.

DVR Title: Name it what you want so to recognize what type of device it is.
Server: Add in the IP address or DDNS host name of your device.
Port: Add the TCP port of the device (default is usually 32789 or 37777).
Username: Add the username you to log in with to the device.
Password: Add the password you to the log in with to the device.
Max channel: Add the max amount of channels that the device has that you are connecting to.

Step 4:

Once all information has been added and verified, tap on the "Ok" button at the top right to save the settings. You should now see the newly added device in your list. Tap on the "ICRSS" button at the top right to return to the main menu screen.

Step 5:

Now choose the option "Live Preview" from the main menu selection. This will take you to your main viewing area.

Step 6:

You should see four windows with a '+' symbol in the center. Tap on the '+' which will load your Device screen, and then tap on the Device title. Your channel list will drop down. Tap a channel and the camera stream will load. Repeat for the next 3 windows if needed. Note that you can load cameras from multiple DVRs!

Step 7:

Once you have a camera loaded in one of the windows, you can switch channels of that unit by clicking on the numbers. You can swipe on the row of numbers that represent channels to the left and right. Note that the channels go from 1-32.

Now that you have live viewing up, the next few steps will explain a few other features of the ICRSS application.

Step 8:

If you have a PTZ Camera, you can use the Directional arrows to maneuver your PTZ. Note: your PTZ Camera must have the red border around it (selected window)


Your PTZ Camera must have the red border around it (selected window)

Step 9:

To close one camera, tap on the desired window once so it's selected, then tap button.

Step 10:

To close all of your cameras at the same time, tap on the button.

Step 11:

To resume the camera feed you previously had streaming tap the button. You must first select the window you want to resume by selecting it (red border).

Step 12:

To resume all 4 of your cameras you previously had streaming tap the button.

Step 13:

To take a snapshot click the button. A photo will be saved to your Gallery.

Step 14:

To mute and un-mute audio, tap on the icon.

Step 15:

Tap the button for PTZ controls. Tap it again and you will be able to enable or disable Audio.

Step 16:

Back on the main menu, you will notice icon. This feature is used to add in some of your most frequent cameras used. Mostly for the user with more than one DVR & to save time skimming through the Device list.

Step 17:

The icon is used to change your PTZ speed. If when you move your PTZ it is very slow/fast, adjust the speed here. There may be further options added to this section in the future.

Thank you for taking time to read up on our mobile application and we hope you are as pleased with it as we are. Don't forget to rate the app back at the app store!